The Revolution

rev – o -lu – tion -noun

1. A drastic change in ways of thinking and behaving

2. An overthrow of the government by those who are governed

3. A single complete turn

The above is the dictionary definition for revolution. And if you think about it; that’s exactly what this generation needs. As a teen in today’s world, you know what I’m talking about, (no, not revolting our government); our culture. Every day teens fall into the trap of this culture; to find our meaning in something that’s thrilling for a moment, but doesn’t last. Money, fame, sex, drugs, idols, you name it, and if it’s of this world’s system, it’s a sin. And yes, for some time these sins can feel good and gave you a little fulfillment; but it does not last! In fact, for our generation, it looks like sin is what our culture is based on.

So you might agree that the culture is based on sin; but what does that mean, and what’s their motivation. Well, it means that most of the things that define our culture today are sinful; the types of music we listen to, shows we watch, the way we act, what we do. If you’re part of the “culture” then you probably do some of these things. Now the motivation of this culture is all that bad. Most of them are just trying to fulfill their need for… fulfillment. And when they find a short lasting thrill in this sin; they do it more because they want to be satisfied. The want to be satisfied is not a bad thing at all. God put that desire in us so we would come searching him. Yet in that desire, this generation has searched in all the wrong places.

The only thing that will truly fulfill our desires and thirst… is God. Not a fake religion that you just get saved once and try to be a good person. But instead an actual adventurous, risky, intimate, exciting relationship with the One who created us and loves us. Yes, the Most High God wants to have a relationship with us so much that he sent his Son down to earth to die for our sins so we could be with Him! (Much more on this later.) And since that is the only way to be truly satisfied and fulfilled; we need to speak out about it. Let others know about the truth. And let them know what the lies are. Revolt against the lies of this world’s system and speak truth to a hungry world. We need to be the revolution that takes a stand on what’s right.

But how do we be a revolution? As a revolution, we need to… look up the dictionary definition of revolution? Yup. We can learn a lot from it. (Look above.) First of all, to be a revolution; we need to change the way we think about everyday things. We can’t think everything is ok and tolerate things that deep inside, we feel are wrong. Teens today are getting desensitized by the devil’s lies. What used to be shameful sins are now becoming common and casual.

Ok, now the second definition of revolution is “to overthrough the government by the people who are governed. In this case, our culture is the “government.” We can separate ourselves from what the secular world tells us to do and how to act. But not only that; we, as teens, can “overthrough” the way media tells us to think. We can re-create what our culture is based. After all, the media wants to reach us, and if we start showing that we don’t want that type of short-term, sin-filled thrill, the media will slowly change to a different image. Hopefully, it will see what we really need, truth.

Now for the last one; by standing up and speaking out and letting our voices be heard, we’ll turn this culture completely around into a new, fresh, truth filled generation that seeks God’s face. Now most of you reading this won’t believe me; but it’s true. Think about it. It’s the teens today that media wants to get attention from. It’s mainly teens that the magazines aim for. Most of today’s music artists are geared towards teens. Drugs. Fame. Porn. MTV. Movies. Books. Clothes. Idols. They are mostly looking for the teens the get them “in”. Now if we say we don’t want these things; that we don’t want what they’re offering, in time; they’ll start offering different stuff. If we show them we want truth, there may be a revolution of the verge of happening.

So let’s rise up with a passion! A passion for the lost and hurting. A passion fuelled by God himself. Let’s be who we were really made to be. The person God meant for us to be. The revolution starts with us, ourselves, in our own lives. Even if others don’t agree or try to shut us up. It only takes one person to be a revolution. And one person to start the fire. It’s time to be that revolution.

This generation needs to rise up and go against the flow on the issues we’re facing today. We need to finally be free of this culture’s bad reputation. It’s time to recreate what happens to our generation. Who will we go down in History as? A group of gutless clones that are accepting lies and conforming to the Media? Or will we be recorded in the history books as something more?